Grooming Glove
Grooming Glove
Grooming Glove
Grooming Glove

Grooming Glove

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Is there a better way to show your Love of dogs?

  • Keeping your dog's or cat's coat brushed regularly is important for their overall health.
  •  Safe for Cats, Dogs and Other Pets! 
    Regularly remove loose, dirty hair or massage your pet dog or cat will not only improve their health but also build up your relationship. 
    The pet deshedding gloves make grooming a breeze and ensure a gentle massage and grooming without the painful removal of fur or irritating the skin.
  • help promote blood circulation, thoroughly clean skin, moisturize each hair, boost metabolism.
  • Perfect for Dogs & Cats with Long & Short Fur Hair Remover
  • Massage Glove with Enhanced Five Finger Design
  • Great For All DOGS & CATS- Helps Minimize Shedding to Keep You & Your House Clean
  • Show how much you love your Dog.

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